Early Signs and Symptoms of a Twin Pregnancy
June 3, 2024

Are you preparing for double joy? Pregnancy can be exciting. What if there are going to be two? Get ready to explore the world of twin pregnancies! Everything from the first ultrasound to the feral child early twins waiting for is beautiful. But how can you tell that you are pregnant with twins before the official announcement?

Read on for the first signs that may say that you’re on your way to becoming a twin parent. From severe morning sickness to growing tummies – ho, pregnancies manifest themselves. Well, no matter whether you are waiting for confirmation or are interested in catching up with the early signs of this miracle!

Here, some of the early signs and symptoms of a Twin Pregnancy every woman must know:

Intense Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting are prevalent during pregnancy, especially in mothers expecting twins. This is caused by the increased amount of hormones produced in multiple pregnancies. It is actually possible that you might get severe morning sickness beyond average, and this may be due to twins.

Rapid Weight Gain

Multiple pregnancies may involve rapid weight gain in the first trimester. More babies need to be developed, so the weight gain is higher than in a single pregnancy.

Excessive Fatigue

Frequent fatigue or exhaustion during the earliest stages of pregnancy is another normal occurrence. Yet, the fatigue may be even more pronounced with this expectation of twins. It is pretty exhausting to have to carry two babies to term and work at the same time.

Measuring Larger Than Expected

A healthcare provider will measure the size of your uterus at routine prenatal examinations. Most uterine twins do not measure more significantly than you would expect for your gestational age. However, this method is only sometimes reliable since factors such as amniotic fluid and maternal weight also affect the calculation of uterine size.

Heightened Hormonal Changes

There are natural hormone changes, but they are possibly exaggerated during multiple pregnancies. Women may experience increased moodiness, heightened emotions, or early menopause.

Increase Fetal Movement

Kicking and other movements are another exciting stage of pregnancy. If you are expecting twins, you may feel the fetal motions being stronger and more frequent than if you are expecting one baby. Watch out for a surge in the frequency and intensity of the movements if you are pregnant with twins.

Elevated Levels of hCG

hCG is the hormone picked up by pregnancy tests. Multiple pregnancies mean a higher hCG level than singleton pregnancies. A positive result in the first pregnancy test can be assumed to be the beginning of ascertaining the twins.

Family History

If there is a history of twins in the family, the individual will be at a greater risk of delivering twins. Genetics does not necessarily lead to multiplets, but it does increase the likelihood.

Early Detection on Ultrasound

It is important to note that many women do not have an ultrasound until approximately 8–12 weeks after conception. But, it is not uncommon for a woman to have an early ultrasound for a variety of reasons. At times, multiple pregnancies may be detected early enough for confirmation.

Ending Note

It is important to note that these signs and symptoms can indicate the possibility of having twins, but they cannot confirm the same. It is also important to see your doctor regularly and express your concern about the possibility of having twins. Seeking the best care is important for those in Gurgaon. An experienced gynecologist in Gurgaon can help with the care required for multiple pregnancies.

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