Caesarean section

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Caesarean section

A caesarean section often known as a c-section is a surgical procedure that involves making an incision in the mother’s uterus and abdomen. It is specifically performed when a vaginal birth is deemed risky or unsuitable for both mother and the baby. In most cases, regional anesthesia, such as an epidural or spinal block, is administered to provide numbness in the lower part of the body while the mother remains conscious during the surgery. However, in emergency situations or specific medical conditions, general anesthesia may be employed, resulting in the mother being asleep throughout the procedure. The choice of anesthesia depends on the medical circumstances and the assessment of the healthcare professionals involved in the delivery process. When you are experiencing regular contractions, coming every 10 minutes or you have ruptured your membranes (‘waters’) you should ring Dr. Shweta for a complete assistance and care for you and your baby.

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What are some common reasons for a c-section?

A caesarean may be carried out because:
-Baby is in the breech position
-Placenta praevia: you have a low-lying placenta
-You have high blood pressure problems 
-You have infections such as genital herpes or untreated HIV
-Slow or stopped progressing baby 
-Multiple pregnancies 

Is a C-section a major surgery?

Yes, a C-section is considered a major surgical procedure and involves making incisions in the abdominal wall and uterus.

What are some probable risks of caesarean section?

-Excessive bleeding 
-Blood clots 
-Damage to the bladder or tubes that connect kidneys to the bladder 
-Breathing difficulties in babies temporarily
-Infection of the womb or womb lining 

How long does a recovery from a C-section take?

With no other complication, a woman can go back home after 1-2 days of having a c-section. But, it may require a few weeks for incisions to heal completely. 

Some Facts

It is not necessary that if you had a baby through caesarean section, so you will always have a c-section delivery for your future baby or babies. Many mothers who had a caesarean section, safely gave vaginal birth to their future babies.

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