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Are nausea and vomiting self-limiting in pregnancy?

This usually is self-limiting and resolves by 20 weeks or earlier, but can be distressing. Milder cases are often successfully treated with dietary modification and a supplement which contains Vitamin B6 and Ginger.

How is PCOS treated?

The most common treatment is to take birth control pills. The pills don't cure PCOS. But they can improve many of its symptoms, like irregular periods, acne, and facial hair.

Is there a test for menopause?

There is a test that can point to menopause. But doctors usually use that test only in women who are too young to be in menopause or who have special circumstances.

Is medication safe to resolve nausea and vomiting issues during pregnancy?

Medication is safe but may carry some unfounded concerns because of very questionable pregnancy safety classification systems. Nonetheless, they should be discussed with an obstetrician before starting.

Can I travel during pregnancy?

Unless you have been identified with any complications, it is perfectly safe to travel during pregnancy. Most women find the second trimester the most ideal time to travel as you are done with the morning sickness of the first trimester and won’t get as easily tired as one does in their third trimester. Indian airline carriers allow women to travel up to 32 weeks of their pregnancy.

How often should I get checked by my doctor during my pregnancy?

In a normal pregnancy, you can be expected to come in for a check up on the following days:
• 4 weeks to 28 weeks: 1 visit/month
• 28 weeks to 36 weeks: 1 visit/2 weeks
• 36 weeks to 40 weeks: 1 visit/week
If it is a high-risk pregnancy such as twins, advanced age of women or a complicated pregnancy, your doctor may want to see you more often depending on your condition.

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