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July 24, 2023

What are the symptoms of fibroids?

Your symptoms will depend on the number of tumors you have as well as their location and size. For instance, submucosal fibroids may cause heavy menstrual bleeding and trouble conceiving.

If your tumor is very small or you are going through menopause, you may not have any symptoms. Fibroids may shrink during and after menopause. This is because women undergoing menopause are experiencing a drop in their levels of estrogen and progesterone, hormones that stimulate fibroid growth.

Symptoms of fibroids may include:

-heavy bleeding between or during your periods that includes blood clots

-pain in the pelvis or lower back

-increased menstrual cramping

-increased urination

-pain during intercourse

-menstruation that lasts longer than usual

-pressure or fullness in your lower abdomen

-swelling or enlargement of the abdomen

How are fibroids diagnosed?

For a proper diagnosis, you will need to see a gynecologist to get a pelvic exam. This exam is used to check the condition, size, and shape of your uterus. You may also need other tests, which include:


An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of your uterus on a screen. This will allow your doctor to see its internal structures and any fibroids present. A transvaginal ultrasound, in which the ultrasound wand is inserted into the vagina, may provide clearer pictures since it’s closer to the uterus during this procedure.

Pelvic MRI

This in-depth imaging test produces pictures of your uterus, ovaries, and other pelvic organs.

I will be talking further about fibroids in the upcoming blogs. Stay connected.

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