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August 2, 2023

Laparoscopy, which means looking inside the abdomen, is a less painful alternative to open surgery. The procedure is carried out using a laparoscope, a long, thin tube with an attached camera that is put inside the patient’s belly through a small incision (cut) of about 1 to 1.5 cm to examine the problem. The pictures of organs get reflected on the monitor. This procedure facilitates the surgery without a significant incision and takes a shorter time to heal.

When is Laparoscopy done?

Laparoscopy, also known as keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery, is performed to diagnose and treat diseases of the abdomen or pelvis. The patient is given general anaesthesia during the process. It gets into action when large incisions are not required.

Laparoscopy is performed commonly in the following cases:

Gynaecology: Problems related to the female reproductive system.

Gastroenterology: Problems related to the digestive system.

Urology: Problems related to the urinary system.

Laparoscopy helps to diagnose and treat the following health conditions-

Fibroids: non-cancerous tumours that grow in or around the womb

Endometriosis: tissues of the womb lining grows outside the womb

Ovarian cyst/ tumour: growth of a fluid-filled sac on a woman’s ovary

Ectopic pregnancy: a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb, usually in a fallopian tube.

Reason behind infertility

Cancer of reproductive organs, gallbladder, liver and pancreas

Precautions Before Laparoscopic Surgery

Check with your doctor if there are any particular guidelines you should follow. A few common considerations include the following:

Do not eat or drink for 6-12 hours before your surgery.

Let your doctor know what medicines you’re taking.

lnform your doctor if you’re pregnant.

Do not take any blood thinning medications.

Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery

lt is carried out by causing less damage to your tissues. requires a shorter recovery period.

lt causes less pain to the patient.

Blood loss is less.

Complications in Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery rarely has significant adverse effects, although there are several common concerns, including the following –

Bleeding or bruising around the incision.


Fever or vomiting

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