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July 26, 2023

How is Hematuria diagnosed?

Physical exam. which includes a discussion of your medical history.

Urine tests. Even if your bleeding was discovered through urine testing, you’re likely to have another test to see if your urine still contains red blood cells. A urinalysis can also check for a urinary tract infection or the presence of minerals that cause kidney stones.

Imaging tests. Often, an imaging test is required to find the cause of blood. Your doctor might recommend a CT/MRI scan/ultrasound.

Cystoscopy. Your doctor threads a narrow tube fitted with a tiny camera into your bladder to examine the bladder and urethra for signs of disease.

Sometimes, the cause of urinary bleeding is difficult to examine. In that case, your doctor might recommend regular follow-up tests, especially if you have risk factors for bladder cancer, such as smoking, exposure to environmental toxins or a history of radiation therapy.

How is hematuria treated?

Depending on the cause, the treatment might involve:

taking antibiotics to clear a urinary tract infection

trying a prescription medication to shrink an enlarged prostate

having shock wave therapy to break up stones.

A treatment is not necessary in every case.

How can I prevent it?

Preventing hematuria means preventing the underlying causes:

To prevent infections, drink plenty of water daily and practice good hygiene.

To prevent stones, drink plenty of water and avoid excess salt.

To prevent bladder cancer, refrain from smoking and exposure to chemicals.

I will be talking about other health issues in the upcoming blogs. Stay connected.

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