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Abnormal Pap test 

The first and foremost thing one should know is that abnormal Pap tests are common. They are just initial tests, and most women with abnormal Pap tests do not have cancer. Your doctor may take an another test if the previous test delivers a result with abnormal cells.
Depending on your age and the result of your Pap test, your doctor might order an HPV test done on the sample that he or she collected for the Pap test. HPV test checks for HPV virus that can cause cancer.

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Will I be suggested any follow-up Pap test or any other test?

Your doctor might suggest that you have another follow-up Pap test or a test called a Colposcopy if your first Pap test’s result comes out to be abnormal. 

When should I have another pap test?

A follow-up Pap test within 6 to 12 months is recommended in cases where the initial test reveals ambiguous cell findings that could be either normal or abnormal. By conducting the second Pap test after a brief observation period, it is possible to ascertain if the cells have reverted to a normal state. In some instances, concurrent HPV testing may also be advised to supplement the assessment. 

How is Colposcopy performed?

During this examination, a healthcare professional utilizes a specialized device resembling a microscope to closely examine the cervix, enabling a detailed assessment. Additionally, the doctor or nurse may perform a biopsy, collecting small tissue samples from the cervix for further evaluation. These biopsy samples are then sent to a laboratory where they are meticulously examined for any signs of abnormalities.

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In cases where cervical cancer or precancerous conditions are diagnosed, rest assured that there are highly effective treatments available. Timely detection of these conditions significantly improves the chances of successful outcomes and potential cures.

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