January 25, 2024

Hypertension during pregnancy, a condition characterized by elevated blood pressure, poses distinctive challenges that need careful management. From the early prenatal care stage to labour and delivery, mothers-to-be grappling with hypertension face potential complications.

When the time for labour and delivery comes, specialized care becomes even more crucial to ensure both maternal and fetal well-being. This phase can bring about a sense of concern to how labour and delivery will unfold, considering the added complexities.

What can you expect in labour and delivery during hypertension in pregnancy?

It may include the following situations:

Mild or moderate hypertension

For those experiencing mild hypertension (B.P. b/w 140/90 and 149/99 mmHg) or moderate hypertension (B.P. b/w 150/100 and 159/109 mmHg), regular monitoring of blood pressure every hour is recommended. If your blood pressure consistently stays within the designated target range, the likelihood of proceeding with a natural vaginal birth remains feasible.

Severe Hypertension

In situations of severe hypertension (160/110 or higher), close monitoring of your blood pressure is intensified, occurring every 15-20 minutes during labor. The heightened frequency of monitoring may prompt use of forceps, a ventouse, or possibly a caesarean section.

After the birth

Following childbirth, it is advisable to have a follow-up of your hypertension treatment if you had this condition before pregnancy. This check-up should ideally take place approximately two weeks after your baby is born.

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Furthermore, the journey doesn’t end with childbirth, as postpartum care is essential for those who had hypertension before pregnancy. The follow-up assessment two weeks after delivery underscores the commitment to monitoring and managing hypertension even after the birth.

Ultimately, with the right medical attention and support, women navigating pregnancy with hypertension can face the challenges of labor and delivery with confidence.

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