Is surgery the only solution to treat ovarian cysts?

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September 29, 2023

Experiencing an ovarian cyst can raise a multitude of questions in your mind among which the prominent is whether surgery is the only solution to treat ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts are a prevalent occurrence, affecting women of all ages. 

While surgery is a vital and effective treatment option for certain cases, it’s essential to recognize that it is not the exclusive remedy. Ovarian cyst treatment has a full spectrum of options including watchful waiting, medication, and minimally invasive procedures. The treatment for ovarian cyst depends on several different factors including ovarian cyst’s size, type, symptoms, and a woman’s overall health. 

Let’s understand when you need watchful waiting, medication, or surgical treatments. 

Watchful waiting

This approach is suitable for small, painless cysts that involves monitoring the cyst through regular check-ups and imaging ensuring the cyst remains stable or gets resolved naturally. This method is particularly favored when there are no major risks associated with the cyst for example in the case of a functional cyst.


Medication methods like hormone birth control are recommended to manage the symptoms of certain cysts. Certain medications can also help shrink certain types of cysts. Hormonal birth control can help prevent the development of functional cysts and regulate the menstrual cycle. This approach is generally more conservative and may offer effective relief without surgery.

Minimally Invasive procedures 

A cyst bigger in size or causing unavoidable symptoms may indicate a need for surgical intervention. Laparoscopy is the least invasive procedure that involves diagnosing the suspected ovarian cysts. The ovarian cyst can be extracted via small incisions in a procedure known as ovarian cystectomy. Laparotomy may be considered by your healthcare provider in cases where the cyst is of significant size or if additional concerns arise.

The decision as to which treatment you should get shall be a collaborative approach between you and your healthcare provider. It’s worth noting that early detection through regular check-ups and pelvic exams can significantly impact the course of treatment, potentially allowing for less invasive methods. By carefully understanding the options, move ahead with the advice of your healthcare provider. Get more insights on this from Dr. Shweta Wazir, the best gynecologist in gurgaon. Contact us at +91 8448128007 or and get treated for your problems.

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