January 11, 2024

Do moms-to-be need to worry about hypertension in pregnancy? It’s a common question that many expectant mothers grapple with during their pregnancy. The concern revolves around understanding if high blood pressure can be a significant issue for pregnant women.

Let’s explore this question as we delve into the impacts of hypertension on maternal health during pregnancy. But before we dive into the potential risks associated with hypertension, Let’s understand when your pregnancy will be termed a hypertension pregnancy.

Hypertension during pregnancy refers to the following three levels:

Mild hypertension: blood pressure between 140/90 and 149/99 mmHg

Moderate hypertension: blood pressure between 150/100 and 159/109 mmHg

Severe hypertension: blood pressure of 160/110 mmHg or higher

What are the potential risks to maternal health from hypertension during pregnancy?

An expecting mother may face the risk of:


Pre-eclampsia is a condition of persistent high blood pressure that typically occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It can escalate rapidly and potentially lead to severe health problems for the mother.


Eclampsia is a severe progression of pre-eclampsia. In eclampsia, the occurrence of seizures introduces severe hazards for both the expecting mother and the fetus.


If left unaddressed, pregnancy-related hypertension raises the chance of a stroke. This condition arises when there is a disturbance in the brain’s blood supply, induced by fluctuations in blood flow that leads to the creation of blood clots, ultimately resulting in a stroke.

Labour induction

Hypertension, particularly when associated with major risk factors like eclampsia and stroke, may necessitate labor induction. It is a medical intervention that initiates the process of childbirth before it begins naturally. In such a situation, the baby is said to have had a premature birth.

Placental Abruption

Another potential hazard linked to hypertension in pregnancy is placental abruption. This situation arises when the placenta partially or fully detaches from the uterine wall before childbirth. For mothers, the dangers encompass heightened bleeding, posing the potential for organ dysfunction and complications in the postpartum period.

While pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation, the presence of hypertension introduces additional considerations for expectant mothers. In navigating the complexities of hypertension, knowledge, awareness, and a proactive approach are the cornerstones of ensuring the well-being of both the mother and the baby. It is recommended that expectant mothers stay informed about their health and participate in their prenatal care for the best outcomes.

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