Normal delivery

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Normal Delivery

Normal delivery, medically referred to as vaginal birth, is the natural process of childbirth in which a baby is born through the mother's vagina without the need for medical interventions. This physiological process typically involves three distinct stages:
⦁ Early Labor: During this initial stage, the mother experiences contractions as the cervix begins to efface (thinning out) and dilate (open) to facilitate the baby's passage through the birth canal.
⦁ Active Labor: In this phase, the contractions intensify, becoming stronger, longer, and more frequent. The mother may experience intense pain and pressure in her lower back and pelvis as the baby descends further through the birth canal.
⦁ Delivery of the Baby: In the final stage, the cervix is fully dilated, signifying that the mother is prepared to actively push the baby out. Under the guidance of healthcare providers, the mother exerts effort to expel the baby from the birth canal.
Following the successful birth, standard procedures involve clamping and cutting the umbilical cord, cleaning and examining the newborn, and facilitating immediate skin-to-skin contact with the mother to promote bonding.

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What are the benefits of having normal delivery?

-Reduced risk of infection, bleeding, injury or other complications for both mother and baby.
-Facilitates faster recovery and healing
-Enhances baby’s immunity and microbiome
-Helps initiating breastfeeding and maternal instincts

What shall I do to maintain chances of having normal delivery?

-Adhere to a healthy weight and consume a balanced diet throughout pregnancy.
-Engage in suitable physical activities and exercises during the pregnancy period.
-Familiarize yourself with breathing techniques and relaxation methods to manage labor pains effectively. -Refrain from unnecessary medical interventions unless recommended by your healthcare provider.

What are the symptoms of Normal delivery?

Usually there are some signs and symptoms of normal delivery like:
-Labour pain
-Cramps in lower abdomen
-Tightening of the belly
-Rupturing of water bag
-sticky discharge mixed with blood.

What is the ideal position of the baby for normal delivery? 

The ideal position of the baby for a normal delivery is head-down, facing the mother's back. This position is known as the vertex or cephalic presentation. In this position, the baby's head is positioned to come out first during delivery, which is the safest and most common presentation for a vaginal birth.

Some Facts

The mother's body undergoes a series of changes during pregnancy to prepare for normal delivery, including softening of the cervix, dilation, and effacement of the cervix. The position of the mother during labor can also influence the progress of normal delivery. Different positions like upright, squatting, or on hands and knees may help ease the baby's descent through the birth canal.

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