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Fibroids are dense, muscular masses that develop within the uterus, which is the organ responsible for holding a developing baby during pregnancy.
Though some people may use the term "tumors" to describe fibroids, it's essential to clarify that fibroids are non-cancerous growths. They are simply abnormal developments in the uterine muscle.
Fibroids often cause no symptoms at all. But, you may experience:
-Heavy periods
-Pain, pressure, in the belly
-The need to urinate often
-Too few bowel movements (constipation)
-Difficulty getting pregnant

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What factors are important before choosing the type of treatment for fibroids?

The right treatment for you will depend on the symptoms you have, your age, whether you are done having children, whether you have anaemia, size, number, and location of your fibroids. 

What are the different treatment options for fibroids?

The different options are:
-Surgery to remove the fibroids ("myomectomy") 
-Endometrial Ablation: This treatment involves destroying the inner lining of the uterus as a method to address certain conditions.
-Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) or Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE): This procedure is designed to cut off the blood supply to the fibroids, effectively treating the condition.
-Surgery to remove the uterus (“hysterectomy”)

Which treatment is suitable for women who still want to have children?

For women who have the desire to retain their fertility and may wish to have children in the future, medications or myomectomy are frequently considered the most suitable options.

What are the different medicines used to treat fibroids?

If bleeding is your main symptom, birth control methods like intrauterine devices, IUDs or medicines(pills, patches, vaginal rings, injections, and implants used for birth control) might help you.

Some Facts

Hysterectomy is a surgery that removes the uterus. This surgical procedure permanently eliminates fibroids and resolves the associated issues they cause. But the women having hysterectomy can never bear children. Therefore, choose your treatment options after properly evaluating your preferences. 

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