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Colposcopy is a medical procedure used to examine the cervix, vagina, and vulva for abnormalities with the help of a magnifying device known as a colposcope. It is typically performed when your healthcare suspects the possibility of the presence of abnormal cells in your cervix or you have abnormal pap smear test results.
During this procedure, the colposcope, a smooth tube-shaped tool is gently placed into your vagina to inspect the cervical tissues for any precancerous or cancerous issues. If Colposcopy results find out abnormal areas in your cervix, a small piece of tissue may be taken out for further assessment known as a biopsy. Colposcopy serves as a very important tool in the early detection and management of cervical abnormalities and helps prevent the progression of cervical cancer caused by Human papillomavirus(HPV).

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What things shall I consider before having a colposcopy?

Before 24 hours of your Colposcopy:
-Do not have penetrative vaginal sex
-Do not use tampons, vaginal creams, and medicines on your vagina.

What other problems than cervical cancer can Colposcopy diagnose?

-Itching, burning on the vulva 
-Genital warts 
-Inflamed cervix
-Vaginal Pain and bleeding 

What are some possible risks of having a Colposcopy?

The procedure is very safe, but afterward, there is a small chance of:
-Vaginal infection 
-Heavy bleeding 

Colposcopy possible if I have a contraception device inserted?

Having a contraception device such as an IUD or Mirena coil does not usually require removal before undergoing a colposcopy. However, it is crucial to inform your healthcare provider about the presence of the device. Keeping them informed ensures that the colposcopy is performed safely and effectively.

Some Facts

Colposcopy serves as a versatile diagnostic tool, extending beyond cervical evaluation, to investigate the origins of various gynecological symptoms, including instances of abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as post-sexual intercourse bleeding. Through meticulous examination of the cervix, vagina, and vulva, this procedure enables healthcare practitioners to discern the underlying factors contributing to these symptoms, facilitating accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment approaches for patients.

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